Ten Questions – 016 Kyle Bean

April 28th, 2011 by Mat Dolphin

Brighton-based designer Kyle Bean is two things: 1. A conceptual, passionate and dedicated creative who has made a name for himself with thoughtful and beautifully crafted work for a number of high profile clients. 2. A really nice, down to earth bloke.

Since graduating from Brighton University in 2009 Kyle has gone on to complete freelance projects for Wallpaper*, The Financial Times, New York Times Magazine, Selfridges, Liberty, Diesel and Hermes. Whilst his work covers a range of disciplines and styles, his most recognisable projects involve 3D objects crafted from paper, cardboard, wood and… eggshells. With a great body of client work and personal projects under his belt, we thought we’d ask Kyle to answer our Ten Questions.

1. How do you describe what you do?
Artist/designer specialising in hand crafted models, sets and props.

2. What made you want to do what you do?

I have always had a passion for making things in a very tactile way from a young age, so I guess it is just an extension of my childhood interests.

3. How would you describe your workplace?
Slightly cluttered (I find it difficult throwing things away that might be useful one day). I have a ‘making table’ with a permanent cutting mat on it with a large supply of scalpel blades and I have my computer desk. I have a massive paper supply leaning up against a wall. I would love to get a studio big enough for a plan chest one day so that it can be a bit more organised with my materials.

4. What is your favourite colour?
Tricky. I’m generally a fan of muted and natural tones, but I’m also drawn to nice turquoise colour every now and then.

5. Who is your favourite artist or writer?
Too many to choose from. I am a big fan of the drawings of Fritz Kahn. He explored amazing visual metaphors relating humans to machines. Escher has always been a inspiration to me. I have a fascination with kinetic sculptures, especially the work of Theo Jansen. One of my favourite peices of architecture is the Lloyds building in London by Richard Rogers. It is basically an industrial building turned inside out, with all the pipes on the outside. I love the concept and how ridiculous it is.

6. What was your previous job?
Throughout my student years I had a regular Sunday job at a high street shop. Luckily I was able to give that up not long after I graduated.

7. Do you work within a team? If so, how many people do you work with?
I work alone most of the time, but if I get a big project that requires a lot of making time within a tight deadline then I have a couple of skilled friends who help me.

8. Do you listen to music whilst working? If so, what do you listen to?
I usually listen to fairly chilled music whilst working such as Joanna Newsom, Bonobo, Olaf Arnalds, Royksopp etc. I also like listening to film soundtracks by composers like Thomas Newman.

9. Who inspires you to do what you’re doing?
Many people and things that I see. I have lovely friends and family who encourage me to keep doing what I’m doing.

10. Which advice has helped you the most?

Two things really. Firstly, even though my work is very much about the craft and the 3D object, I realised the importance of photographing my work whilst at university. I now never think a project is ever finished until it is shot nicely. Ultimately, that is the aspect of my work that 99.9% of people see – not the actual object itself. Getting a website setup was also the best thing I could have done in order to get my work known.

Kyle popped in to say hello earlier this week and was kind enough to give us a sneak preview of what he’s been up to – suffice to say, you can expect good things from him in the future. You can check out his portfolio here and follow him on Twitter here.

Thanks for reading. Hasta la vista, baby


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