Sharing is Caring – Part 2

April 6th, 2011 by Mat Dolphin

A while back we told you about some of the design blogs we look to for inspiration. The sites we check out on a regular basis barely skim the tip of the tip of the iceberg in terms of what’s out there and with this in mind we thought we’d share some more bloggy treats with you. The last set we looked at focused on specific design-related disciplines – this time we’re going to have a look at sites which, whilst covering a broad spectrum, are aimed squarely at the purist design geeks like us. All of these sites are quite different in what and how they blog, but all of them are a constant source of interest, inspiration and entertainment.

Constantly updated with clean, minimalism and Müller-Brockmann inspired typogrpahy-porn, Visuelle is the go-to site for every designer who wishes they were Swiss and from the 1960s. As well as the work it shows, the site itself has a ‘less is more approach’ which allows the beautifully selected work to do the talking. Love it.

Formerly Newstoday, this site is a place for the anyone and everyone to upload design related goodies they think might be of interest and shout about them to the masses. Anything deemed good enough will be elevated from the ‘Public Choice’ section to the lofty heights of ‘Editors Choice’. A filtering process which can cause amusing debates amongst some of the more elitist crowd who preen themselves on the ‘Public Voice’ message board, scaring off eager young students and ‘newbies’. The site also has a Job Board showing various design positions around the world and a portfolio hosting feature. A great resource and always entertaining.

With a strapline boasting ‘Graphic Design, Typography and Grid Systems’ as the subject matter of choice, you know what you’re getting with AisleOne – a never-ending showcase of the  cream of the crop in elegant, intelligent design.

Form Fifty Five
Created in 2005, this blog is the platform for a large group of selected contributors (36 and counting!) to let the world know about the recent design inspiration they’ve come across. Their fast turnaround of consistently high quality posts make the site a great destination for those in need of an injection of creative thinking or simply a bit of boredom relief.

As I mentioned, the sites we’ve spoken about so far are a tiny percentage of what’s out there so expect plenty more bookmarkable loveliness in the near future. If you think your blog is a worthy contender, feel free to get in touch and let us know about it.

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