Guest Post – Neil Ayres & The New Goodbye

June 1st, 2010 by Mat Dolphin

Mat Dolphin invited me on the blog to talk about The New Goodbye, an app that I’ve produced with Russell Quinn, the developer who created the hugely successful Small Chair app for McSweeney’s, and who recently helped bring Creative Review’s Annual to the iPhone.

The content of The New Goodbye centres round a novel I’ve written, but there’re lots of other people involved too. For instance, the book includes a cover shot by fashion photographer and music promo maker Nicole Heiniger.

The other main segment of the app is a critically-rated novelette by Miguel Cervantes (the fellow who wrote Don Quixote and the man commonly regarded as the inventor of the modern novel). The novelette, The Dialogue of the Dogs, is little-read today, but is a great piece of inventive literature, and is a perfect length for the iPhone to bring it to a new audience. It tells the story of two dogs, Cipión and Berganza, who are one night miraculously granted the power of speech. The entire story has been brilliantly translated into an illustrated pen and ink narrative by Twitter heroine Johanna Basford. This main work and some other exclusive illustrations by Johanna are also included.

In addition to this is a bespoke music track by Rich Watson (also titled, funnily enough, The New Goodbye). This will hopefully prove to be one of those bridge-building songs between men and women. You know, the sort you’re both happy to listen to without belittling the others taste in music. There’ll be a music video to go with this too, made by East London collective Order, which will be added to the app post-launch, as a reminder not to forget that this wealth of great stuff is just sitting there on your iPhone waiting to be enjoyed.

So if you want modern literature, stylish photography, inventive illustration and great music, along with a quick, easy read of a four hundred year old story to impress your dinner party guests/mates down the pub with, this app is where it’s at.

The New Goodbye is available now. A lite version can be downloaded from the App Store for free. Unlocking the complete edition will set you back a mere £1.99.

Neil Ayres is the author of over 30 published short stories. He has written for Tate Modern, The Man Booker Prize, Marketing Week, The Literary Platform and Web Designer magazine. By day he works for Creative Review. You can find him on Twitter @neilayres or @creativereview.

Big thanks to Neil for agreeing to tell us about his latest project, there are more guest posts lined up in the future, if you’ve got a project you’d like to let our readers know about and you’d like to be involved, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for reading.


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